Elevating Success: Major Project Warranties for Large Housing and High-Rise Developments 

Embarking on the construction of a high-rise building, six stories or taller, demands meticulous planning and unwavering support. At Build Warranty®, we offer specialised Major Projects Warranties underwritten by one of the world’s top 10, A-rated insurers, tailored to the unique needs of high-rise developments, ensuring a reliable and comprehensive technical auditing process throughout every phase of your project. 

Why Choose Our Major Projects Warranties? 

A Rated Cover: Our Major project warranties are underwritten by one of the world’s top insurers, boasting asset values of £8.6 billion. With our A-Rated Cover, your high-rise development receives the utmost security and reliability, safeguarding your investments and instilling confidence in stakeholders. Reliability is a discerning factor in this sector which has often left developers without cover toward the end of the project due to Insurers changing subjectivities mid-term. The stability of our insurer and their commitment to delivering reliability sets Build Warranty® apart from other providers, ensuring this type of situation never happens. 

Up to £200 Million Indemnity Cover: From towering skyscrapers to ambitious urban developments, our major projects warranties offer up to £200 million in indemnity cover. This exceptionally high level of indemnity allows your cover to remain solely with one insurer and not requiring the involvement of complex and costly co-insurance, inherent with many other providers. Our robust cover shields against unforeseen risks and financial uncertainties, providing a solid foundation for your high-rise venture. 

Fast & Efficient Service: Time is of the essence in high-rise construction, and our Major Project Service ensures efficient and prompt support at every turn. Our streamlined processes, supported by advanced software, facilitate a seamless technical auditing process, delivering vital warranty certificates promptly to support project milestones and sale completions. 

Project-Specific Solutions: High-rise developments present unique challenges and complexities that demand tailored solutions. Our Major Projects Warranties are customisable to address the specific needs of your project, offering comprehensive cover and support that align with your project goals and objectives. 

Lowest Premiums Guaranteed: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in high-rise construction, and our commitment to offering competitive premiums reflects this understanding. With Build Warranty®, you can secure your developments at the most competitive prices in the market, ensuring maximum value for your investments. 

With Build Warranty’s Major Projects Warranties, you can elevate your high-rise construction projects to new heights of success. Our A-Rated cover, substantial indemnity, efficient service, tailored solutions, and competitive premiums combine to provide unmatched value and peace of mind for your high-rise projects. Trust Build Warranty® to support your journey and secure the future for your investments. 

Learn more at: www.buildwarranty.co.uk 

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