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From home-owners to developers, we are the UK construction industry’s new number one choice for warranty solutions, professional advice, personal service… and complete peace of mind.

We are specialists in providing protection from the financial risks of the construction industry. Over many years of experience in latent defects insurance, our team have established a proven track record of working with private home-owners and large-scale developers alike with a reputation for building relationships with our clients based on trust and confidence.

We use tried and tested financial risk assessment solutions combined with a tailored analysis of each individual project, experience and innovation placing us at the forefront of the UK’s home warranty business.

At BUILD WARRANTY we feel that each and every project and client is unique. From new builds to renovations, large or small scale, we evaluate your project carefully to ensure the right cover is recommended, providing total peace of mind for all parties against the risks involved in construction and real estate investment. Our unrivaled reputation for diligence and experience within the industry means that we avail of the best cover at the lowest premium rates, which  reassures that our clients don’t have just any cover but have cover with BUILD WARRANTY.

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Our expert knowledge of the Latent Defect Insurance Industry means we obtain the best cover at the lowest price guaranteed.


Experience, expertise…and going the extra mile.

Embarking on a new build can seem a daunting prospect. Each one is as unique as its owner and will present them with plenty of unfamiliar challenges. What sets us apart from other Specialist Brokers is our personal service and attention given to each project obtaining the right construction warranty, at the right price, for your project. Plain speaking, transparent advice that works for you helping to prevent latent defects and construction challenges from becoming financial obstacles.

Build Warranty Services Limited is an appointed representative of Servca Group, who are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and are an accredited Lloyd’s broker. All warranties provided through BUILD WARRANTY are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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