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Reassure that you will deliver the high-quality housing product that consumers want

Making your tenants feel safe and secure in your housing is an important aspect of any such development project. Cover provided through Build Warranty creates this trust by certifying that the quality of your work meets industry standards.

With years of experience working with housing developments of all sizes, we can give you the added confidence, support, and credibility that your project needs.

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Build confidence among tenants
New Build

We have years of experience providing bespoke construction warranties to housing associations with 10 or 12-year policies available for new projects.

Build confidence among tenants

Build confidence among tenants by ensuring that a newly-regenerated housing project meets UK regulations and standards with our industry credibility.

Coverage is designed to protect investment
Insolvency Protection

Coverage is designed to protect investment into any housing association development in the unlikely event of developer insolvency.