How to make a claim?

Please refer to the steps below to guide you through the claim process for Latent Defect Insurance

How may we assist you?

We apologize if you’re experiencing an issue. Please follow the steps below to determine the necessary course of action. Our Customer Service and Claims teams are dedicated to supporting you. Before we proceed, we’ll need to verify a few details. Kindly follow the steps below to facilitate our assistance.

Step 1: Do you have cover with Build Warranty?

If you already know that your home is covered by Build Warranty, please skip straight to Step 2 – below. If you’re not sure, the following information may help you decide.

Do you have Build Warranty documentation?

If you think you have Build Warranty cover but have never been provided with any documentation, please check with your builder or your conveyancer to confirm that you have cover with us. Normally, you would have received a policy document and insurance certificate.

When was your property built?

Build Warranty usually lasts for 10 years from the date the first owner completed the purchase of the property.

If you're not the first owner of the home

If you are not the first owner of the home it doesn't matter, as it's the home that's covered for 10 years. Cover is automatically transferred to the new owner.

Your house is a Housing Association or private rental property

If you have a problem with your home, you should report it to your landlord, managing agent or housing association in the first instance.

Step 2: Your current situation

Please select the option from the drop-down menus below that best describes your current situation. This will provide you with more information on how we can assist you. Kindly note that the information provided reflects typical circumstances and may not cover all scenarios. For comprehensive details, please refer to your Build Warranty policy document.

Once you’ve exchanged contracts and accepted the Build Warranty offer, your Build Warranty policy safeguards you in case you lose your deposit or need to pay extra to complete the construction of your home due to your builder’s insolvency or fraudulent activities.

If you have concerns about this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

As a beneficiary of the Help to Buy scheme and an owner of a new home with Build Warranty cover, you are entitled to 10 years of protection following legal completion. The initial two-year period comprises the builder warranty period, during which any issues should be reported directly to the builder. Subsequently, the remaining eight years constitute the insurance period, during which you should reach out to Build Warranty for assistance. For further details, please refer to “What Does Build Warranty Cover?” section.

Step 3: Are you aware of the excess on your Policy?

Each policy comes with an excess. The amount may vary depending on the type of policy. Please refer to your certificate of insurance to see what excess has been applied. The excess amount will need to be paid by you in the event of any claim settlement. 

Step 4: Are you ready to request our assistance?

To request our assistance

If this is the first time you're making contact with us about this issue and you need to make a claim or you'd like help from our resolution service, please use the link below to get in touch.

Already have an existing case reference?

If you want to provide further information or need to contact us about your existing case, please click below.

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If none of the above fits your situation or if you would prefer to speak to someone, you can call our customer service team or use our live chat.

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