Commercial Warranties

The first choice for all levels of commercial development

Build Warranty is proud to have worked at the highest levels of the commercial construction industry. 

Our flexibility and the high level of coverage we can offer means we can meet the demands and requirements of all warranty needs for the commercial projects of our clients.

Our commercial warranty
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Covering the cost of correcting defects that may occur

Our commercial warranty covers the cost of correcting defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements from the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing. In the event of a structural issue, our commercial warranty can prevent a major financial situation by fully covering the costs involved in its correction. 

This reduces the risk of building defects occurring and ensures less exposure to the problems of warranty claims making the end product a safer, more attractive proposition. Tenants will be reassured by full construction warranty protection and that means a more leasable property for you.

Build Warranty

Commercial Warranty

A commercial development warranty that covers the structural elements of the building.

A swift, simple claim process that doesn’t rely on proof of negligence.

Uniquely bespoke coverage for each project.

A transparent, straightforward underwriting process.

An experienced, independent perspective on any construction project.

From refurbishments

From refurbishments to conversions and new projects, Build Warranty can tailor construction warranties to protect all possible developments.

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Build Warranty's warranty helps build your development securely and efficiently whilst also developing confidence between developers and consumers.

With experience working
Housing Associations

With experience working on large-scale housing association projects, Build Warranty is your first choice for industry expertise and professionalism.

We provide cover
Home Owners

Personal service, industry expertise and straight-talking advice make Build Warranty the UK’s leading provider for self-builders and private clients.

Build Warranty Commercial warranties are designed as a simple and effective way of claiming against the covered structural defects. With our warranties underwritten by some of Europe’s largest insurers, they give your project (no matter the size or scope of construction), the protection that you need.