Build Warranty® – Building Trust: High-Value Schemes Ensuring Maximum Project Security 

In today’s complex and expansive construction landscape, safeguarding projects of considerable magnitude poses significant challenges. At Build Warranty®, we recognise the intricacies and scale of your developments, offering comprehensive warranty solutions tailored to protect your investments while providing the necessary peace of mind for buyers.  

Why Choose Build Warranty®? 

  • A Rated Cover: Our warranty solutions are covered by one of the world’s top 10 insurers with asset values of £8.6 billion, ensuring the maximum security for even the highest value projects.  
  • Up to £200 Million Indemnity Cover: No project is too large for us, from city tower blocks to large housing developments.  
  • Fast & Efficient Service: We offer a seamless process through our advanced software to ensure a fast and efficient technical auditing process, helping deliver vital warranty certificates on time for sale completions. 
  • Project-Specific Solutions: Whether it’s retrofitting existing units or ensuring new builds have the necessary cover, our solutions are adaptable to all project sizes and types. 
  • Lowest Premiums Guaranteed: Our commitment ensures that you get the best rates available, offering you cover at the most competitive premiums in the market. 

Secure your projects today with Build Warranty®, get a quote and experience the difference. 

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