Build Warranty on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

Build Warranty provided the Construction Warranty for the Listed old glassworks in Brighton, featured on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations aired on Wednesday 20th July – at 9 PM on Channel 4.

CONTEXT: George meets James, who’s had a 15-year love affair with a former glasswork in Brighton, with grand plans to restore the whole property.

George Clarke:  “This guy called James took on an old Glassworks in Brighton. To show how long these people look for properties, it was over 20 years ago that he first saw that property and fell in love with it. He tried to buy it from one owner, it got sold to somebody else, got sold to somebody else, and then eventually I think he bought it nine years ago. 

“Then five years of getting the money together, getting planning permission, all the work that you needed to convert that sort of building. He started work on it four years ago, I did the first day of filming nearly four years ago, and I’ve just done the reveal. Beautiful old building”.

You can watch the full episode on this link:

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