What you need to know about Commercial Building Warranties

What is a Commercial Building Warranty?
Commercial Building Warranties provide comprehensive cover for all types of developments, such as offices, retail units, and warehouses, obtaining commercial latent defects insurance allows for the sale and letting of commercial properties while removing the risk of liability for the owner or landlord of the property.
Why do I need a Commercial Building Warranty?
Our commercial warranty covers the cost of correcting defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements from the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing. In the event of a structural issue, our commercial warranty can prevent a major financial situation by fully covering the costs involved in its correction.
The project would be surveyed by experts which reduces the risk of building defects occurring and ensures less exposure to the problems of warranty claims making the product a safer, more attractive proposition. Tenants will be reassured by full construction warranty protection and that means a more leasable property for you.

Key Points:

  • A commercial development warranty that covers the structural elements of the building.
  • A swift, simple claim process that doesn’t rely on proof of negligence.
  • Uniquely bespoke coverage for each project.
  • A transparent, straightforward underwriting process.
  • An experienced, independent perspective on any construction project.

Why Build Warranty and how can I apply?
Quite simply, no other company can match us for a combination of expertise, speed, and cost.
Expertise: Our staff is residential property experts with unparalleled client support through our customer service team.
Efficiency: We operate a state-of-the-art online software platform that allows us to get all the information we need and get quotes quickly.
Cost: Our digital systems drive efficiencies, which reduce costs. We can pass these on to customers.

You can get a quick quote via this link: https://buildwarranty.powerappsportals.com/ldi-application/ or feel free to call us at 0800 5200155.

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